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Our Story

Our mission is to provide a calm and nurturing space, offering expert advice and a wide range of leading holistic treatments to our local community. 

One common vision

Wetherby Holistic Health was founded by three individuals with one common vision - to improve their patients wellbeing in a relaxing and healing environment. The founders, Gemma Mercer of Wetherby Reflexology, Rebecca Callicott of Wetherby Acupuncture and Lindsay Fieldhouse of Halo Acupuncture have over 15 years of experience working within the holistic health environment and pride themselves on providing expert advice and treatments for many conditions.

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Body, mind and spirit

The word holistic refers to the whole person and denotes the intricate connections between body, mind and spirit. These three aspects of ourselves are constant reminders of our precious and yet extraordinary nature. In this busy and stressful world it is all too easy to focus on the problems of the world around us and forget to look after ourselves.

Wetherby Holistic Health will help you find space to nurture yourself in any state of health.

Looking after everyone

Our goal is to provide support for all the family, from all walks and stages of life. Our experienced practitioners are trained to treat everyone individually, tailoring treatment plans as needed.  

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